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F&F Rewards Club tiers informationUpdated 6 months ago

What are F&F Rewards Club tiers, and what are each tier's benefits?

Join our community and be rewarded for shopping at F&F,.

Join the club as a 'Change Starter' and build your way up to a higher tier to receive even more benefits as you go through into 'Change Maker' and into 'Game Changer'

Find all the benefits waiting for you on our F&F Rewards Club page

How can I go up to the next tier?

Simply, shop and we'll calculate your spending over the previous 12 months:

Change Starter - spend up to $250

Change Maker - spend over $250

Game Changer - spend over $500

A year from moving to your tier, your spend will be calculated and your tier will be updated.

If you've spent over the threshold to move up a tier, even before the year's end, you will be upgraded to the next tier up, and your tier review date will be reset for another year.

How do I see my Points balance and Club Tier?

Sign into your Flora & Fauna account. 

In your Account page, you'll see the Reward club tier you've earnt; the date you moved tier and the date in which your tier will be reviewed and updated.

Under My Rewards (in My Account) you'll see the Rewards Points and Credit you've earned, any points you've redeemed, and your prior 12 months purchases, so you can keep track of how close you are to moving tier.

How do I know if I have moved to another tier?

Easy! We'll email you to let you know.

You will also be able to find your new tier on your account after you've signed in - in your 'F&F Rewards Club' tab

How can I find my last 12 months' spend?

Simply sign-in to your account, and you will find your last 12 months' spend in the 'My Reward Points' tab.

You will also be able to see there your available reward points balance, and your available credit from gift vouchers.

I've moved up a tier, so why is my account still showing my old tier?

Please sign out from your account and sign back in, or refresh your browser.

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