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Information about product and site ReviewsUpdated 6 months ago

Reviews are a great way to help our community make better-informed decisions, so we want to reward you for writing a review. You will earn your Reward points as soon as your review is approved for publishing. 

For every approved review you write you'll earn 10 points. 

Want to share a photo or a video with your review? Great - you'll earn an additional 10 points for your approved video or photo.

Offer is limited to 1 review every 30 days.

How to earn Reward points for reviews

Placed an order? If you're subscribed to our emails we'll send you an email request to review your products. 

You can use the link on the email request to upload your video or photo.

Once your review has been approved, your account will be rewarded with points,

Is there another way to submit reviews?

Yes. You can also write a review by following the prompts on the review invitation email we send you after you place an order, or by using the 'Write a review' section on our product pages. Please note that reviews submitted directly on product pages do not earn rewards.

Do you approve all product and site reviews?

We welcome all genuine reviews, good or bad. They are all helpful for our customers to make better choices.

To be approved your review needs to be a description of your experience after purchasing with us; of genuine benefit for other customers; and compliant with Australian regulations.

How can I share my photo or video to earn more Reward points?

Placed an order? If you're subscribed to our emails we'll send you an email request to review your products with the option to upload a video or a photo. Once your video or review are approved for publishing, 10 more points will be added to your F&F account!

What photos or videos earn rewards?

To be approved for publishing and rewarded points, the photos or video you share must be suitable for the online forum of our F&F shop, relevant to the product or service you are reviewing, and meets F&F Privacy Policy requirements.

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