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Do you accept recycling for blister packs or empty beauty products?Updated 17 days ago

We know our recycling program is super important to you - it is to us too! Together we've recycled over 40 tonnes of plastic.  ♻️🌏💚

We're working busily in the background to build a new program and work out what we can and can't recycle.  
In the meantine - Pharmacycle is currently accepting blister packs for recycling. You can drop your empty blister packs off in one of their drop off locations. You can find a location near you on this link. Or you can order a 'Recycle at Home Satchel', which works similarly to our recycling program. Here is a link for the 'Recycle at home Satchel'.

Terracycle's 'Beauty Products and Packaging - Zero Waste Box' is available on this link.

RecycleSmart collects soft plastics, Clothes & textiles, E-waste, and all sorts of household items.

Keep an eye on our emails or follow us on social media so we can update you when our recycling program has restarted.
Thank you for your patience and for being kind to our planet. 💚

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