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I've reset my password but I still can't log in, what do I do next?Updated 6 months ago

I've reset my password but I still can't log in. I keep going in a loop, what do I do next?

This may be because your browser is entering an old password saved in its memory. Try:

  • Entering your password manually 
  • Delete the black dots that appear in the password field - this is likely to be your old password saved to your browser's memory
  • Avoid clicking the password suggestion your browser shows you 
  • Delete your saved password from your browser’s settings. You can find instructions for deleting your browsing data here.

Deleting old passwords from your browser's 'Passwords Manager' settings

You can delete your old password from the 'Password Manager' passwords section of your browser's settings, so it's in with the new!

Select ‘Manage Passwords’ from the pop-up window that appears when typing into the password field.

Locate the password saved against your HealthPost account.

Then edit or delete it.

Next time your browser will ask you whether you would like your new password saved.

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