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Paying with Credit CardUpdated 6 days ago

What credit card options do you offer?

We offer Visa, MasterCard,American Express and UnionPay as credit or debit card payment options.

How do I select card payment?

At the Checkout page, progress past the 'express checkout options' without selecting any of them; complete the shipping address and shipping options steps, and 'Continue to payment'.

Here you will be able to enter your card details, and save them for your next order, by ticking the 'Save my information for a faster checkout', and entering your mobile phone number, which will create a Shop Pay account for you. You can find more information about Shop Pay here.

Click 'Place order' to place your order

I have a saved card on my Shop-Pay profile, how can I pay with a new card?

Simply carry through the checkout page as explained above, rather than selecting Express checkout with Shop-Pay.

Enter your card details.

You can save your new card for future orders, by ticking the 'Save my information for a faster checkout', and enter the validation code that will be texted to you for you new card details to be saved.

You can also login to your Shop-Pay profile to update your card details, delivery address and email address here - https://shop.app/pay/authentication/login

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