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Paying with Shop PayUpdated 6 days ago

Can I pay with Shop Pay?

Yes! You can easily pay for your order through your Shop Pay account.

How do I pay with Shop Pay?

  1. Select Shop Pay from the Express Checkout options at the top of the chekcout page. .
  2. Enter your email address, or select the passkey icon in the email field.
  3. Do one of the following: 
    • If you selected the passkey icon, then follow the prompts to sign in using your saved passkey. 
    • If you set up Shop Pay, then you’ll receive a six-digit SMS verification code to the phone number on your Shop Pay account. In the Confirm it's you section, enter your six-digit code. 
    • If you've previously verified your Shop email address when you set up Shop Pay, then you can click the Send me a code by email instead option. 
  4. Review your order before it’s final.
  5. Tap Complete purchase to finalize your order.

What is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is an Express checkout option available at online stores powered by the Shopify platform, such as Flora & Fauna.

When creating a Shop Pay account on any online store powered by Shopify, and selecting for your information to be saved for faster checkout, a Shop Pay account will be created for you, which will be available for you to express checkout on any other Shopify-powered store.

How can I create a Shop Pay account?

On the Payment step of the Checkout page, after you've entered your shipping address, billing, and credit card information, you can opt to save your information with Shop Pay by ticking 'Save my information for a faster checkout' ', and entering your mobile phone number.

This will create a Shop Pay account for you, which you will be able to select from the Express Checkout options on your next order with us, or any other Shopify-powered online store.

What information is saved on my Shop Pay account?

  • Your email address
  • Credit card
  • Shipping and billing information

How can I update my information on my Shop Pay account?

By Logging in to your Shop Pay account, or downloading the Shop Pay app.

Is Shop Pay a secure payment option?

Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, which means its certified to follow PCI Security Council standards. You can find more information on Shop Pay security policy

Find more helpful information about Shop Pay account and payment option on the Shop Pay Help Centre page

How do I place an order to a different address to the one saved on my Shop Pay account?

Simple - you can choose to skip Shop Pay Express checkout, and instead complete the checkout Shipping details for your new address, then continue to the Payment step, where you can select to pay with a credit card.

Alternatively, you can start by signing in to your Shop Pay Account or to your Shop Pay app to update your delivery address on your Shop Pay profile, and then carry on to placing your order, using the Shop Pay express checkout.

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