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I can't sign-in to my account, how do I reset my password?Updated 17 days ago

If this is your first visit to our new website, please activate your account first. 

Find out how in this article - activate my account

How do I reset my password?


If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following these instructions: 

  1. Click on the person icon on the top right corner of our website.  
  2. Click on “Forgot your password?” underneath the password box. 
  3. Enter the email address you registered your account with and click ‘Submit’’ 

Did this submit button work? Here are your next steps: 

  1. If there is an account associated with the email address, a “Reset Your Password” email will be sent through to you. 
  2. Find the Password Reset email and click on the “Reset Your Password” button provided. If you can't see the email in your main inbox make sure you check your junk/spam folder or search for: [email protected], and add this email address to your 'safe senders' list
  3. This will take you back to our website to complete the password reset process. 
  4. Simply type your new password twice and click the “Reset Password” button. 
  5. You are now signed in! 😊

The submit button wouldn’t work? Here are your next steps: 

  1. It’s likely that you have an existing F&F account you need to reactivate on our new website, you can do this by clicking here. 
  2. Enter in your name, email address and the password you wish to use, and click “Submit”. 
  3. We’ll send you an email to verify your address. This should be waiting for you in your inbox, click the “Activate My Account” button in this email. If you can't see the email in your main inbox make sure you check your junk/spam folder or search for: [email protected], and add this email address to your 'safe senders' list
  4. Once you click on this button, your account is re-activated and you are ready to go! 😊 

My email didn't arrive, where can I find it?

Your password reset email may take a few minutes to arrive. Please check you have entered your email address correctly. You’ll also want to check your spam or junk folder too.

If you have requested a password reset email to be sent to you more than once, please click the 'Reset your password' button on the most recent email, as each email expires the link on the previous email.

I received an email, but the button doesn’t work?
  • Password reset emails are valid for 24 hours only. If more than 24 hours have passed, you’ll need to request a new password reset email following the instructions above.
  • If you’ve requested more than one password reset email, you may be using an expired email. Any new request will make previous emails invalid. Please make sure you use the 'reset your password' button from the most recent email we have sent you. 

Handy tips 

  • As you are saving your new password, please type your password manually, and avoid allowing your internet browser to auto-populate a saved password.  
  • Delete any black dots in the password field – these would be your old password saved to your browser memory 
  • If more than one reset password email has been sent to you - please use the latest one 
  • You can also try to clear your cache on your browser with these easy steps..
  • If none of these solutions work, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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