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How can I make a return?

If you'd like to return a product for a refund, credit or exchange please check out our website for the full information.  https://www.floraandfauna.com.au/returns-policy  We hope this helps!

I've received a faulty or damaged item, do I need to return it?

We're sorry to hear you've received a faulty item or one that was damaged on its way to you. No need to send it back, simply Contact Us and the Flora and Fauna team will sort everything out for you. If your product is faulty, we would appreciate if y

Purchasing and delivering chocolate

I'm afraid we cannot replace, credit or refund chocolate that has melted in transit.  Please be mindful when you order; if the weather is hot it can damage the chocolate so we do not advise purchasing in hot weather. We do our best to hold off ship

I've had a bad reaction. Can I return the product?

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing a reaction to one of the products that you have purchased from us, we strongly recommend that you discontinue using it. We cannot accept returns of products you have personal sensitivities to. Please

An item is missing from my order - what can I do?

If you can't see an item in your order, can we just double-check that you've pulled all of your goodies out of your box and flattened any packaging? Products have been known to hide in the paper padding. If you could double-check that would be greatl

Information about product recalls

Very rarely, our brand suppliers may require products to be recalled due to possible concerns, or for further investigation. Recalls are always related to specific batches of products. If you’ve purchased a product from a batch requiring a recall or

My product is out of stock, when will you get more?

Apologies if we don't have what you want right now. If your product is available in Australia, we will get it back very soon. Simply subscribe to be notified using the "Notify Me" field on the product page, and you'll be the first to know when more a